Saturday, 9 October 2010


Who is Takashi Murakami and how is he related to fashion? He is a Japananese artist who worked to produce limited edition Louis Vuitton Handbags and also worked with Pharrell. His work was exhibited in Versailles just outside Paris which is the house in which Marie Antoinette lived, It was very controversial to put such modern art in such a historic setting but I thought that the juxterposition of the two was executed perfectly with the art almost alien in such a setting. It was brilliantly set out with the modern art complimenting the historic artifacts already in the house.

The Gardens where amazing as well, if you ever go to Paris make sure you check out Versailles, it really is stunning!

Corpus Shirt, Vince Cardigan, My brothers old Levi's that I cut into short, Minnetonka Mocassins, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag.

Rucha B Xx

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