Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I am interning at New Look in their PR department I have done a fair amount of PR work but have never been on the shops side of thing, I have worked with agency's, ie who the stores send their clothes to. So far so good :)

Red is a key colour this season which pleases me no end as it's the only colour I really wear other than tonal colours, I love the dramatic effect a red item can create!

Above - Pleasure Doing Business Red Skirt, Fletcher by Lyell Blouse, Day by Birger et Mikkelsen Cardigan, Carvella Man Shoes, H & M Hat.

My friend was taking the picture just down the road from the office and I nearly had a heart attach when people started coming out the entrance I was standing in - hence the expression on my face!

I will keep you posted on my internship

Rucha B Xx


  1. wow! That's so not fair! How do you keep getting all these internships at all these places???

    But I do like the skirt may I add. And I am glad that red is in this season because
    1) It's fav colour!
    2) It's one of my fav colours to wear :-D YAY!

  2. I love your hat - so cute :)

    How's the internship going?

    - Keri x